The emulated self…

Amidst the chaos of the fake faces, she saw something shiny. Neither gold nor glitter, it was a clean shiny mirror. She stood in front of the mirror contemplating the reflection. She could see some scars from the past, they had their own story. People said that what she did was wrong and the scars show that. She concurred to that. She was aware of her mistakes.

On the contrary to the people, the mirror had a different perspective. It told her that she made mistakes but called her strong to get through them. Facts is all the world can see. But the mirror unearths the story. The half-filled voids of her soul were now completed by the reflection.

They might be a little distant but resemble each other. She may turn away from it but the reflection would be waiting for her to comeback. She looked back. It was still there. Congruent and completing her.


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