The Wrong Leap…

She went out for a walk that day. A nice and fine day it was. There was something which caught her eye on the street that day. A deep, strange hole it was. It’s darkness frightened others but for her, it was fascinating. It tickled her curiosity. She inched her way towards it. Took a deep breath and jumped. One of the biggest mistake she made. Drowned in dirt, scared she was. She pulled herself up but the filth won’t let go. She managed to save herself and came up to the street again. Insecure and broken, she continued to walk. It was the dirt of the pothole which made her look filthy but the world preferred to call her filthy. She could have explained to them but she feared the world would call her mad to take a leap. She walked for a few miles. And there it was, another hole waiting for her. But this one was different. Bright and shiny, always welcoming. She could see a nice stairway down the hole. It looked splendid but she was scared. She couldn’t leap with her insecurities. She had faith that this one would end well but the past didn’t give her the courage to do so. She had another thing in her mind too. Even if she managed to jump again the filth she brought along would destroy the bright hole too. She couldn’t do it even if she wanted to. She walked away. Now she is far away from the filthy pothole but distant from the bright one too.

Jumping wasn’t the mistake but leaping into the wrong one was.


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