I have my reasons…

Who isn’t born a Cinderella?

A childlike admiration for the good things.

Never ran after the cravings of social acceptance.

You are not different, rather socially awkward they said.

I have certain priorities. Damn given to that statement.

They continued to judge.

Am I supposed to be bothered by this, I wondered?

We live in a sluttish time, where the consequences are feared,

not the deed.

They may call me names for the decisions I make.

At least I don’t follow algorithms of social conduct,

rather I stay humane.

Fetish for acceptance is justified.

But being your dearest is tried.

Rejection is not the fear but exclusion is.

But this can’t stop me from catering to my priorities.

“I am not afraid”, would be a big fat lie.

But who said that courage is the absence of fear.

I have my own land where perspective and opinion are different.

Your world might be a little scary for me,

not scary enough to put me in a nutshell.









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