The Everyday Saga

It’s the story of a girl who loved herself.
The love she had for herself may seem as tiny as the circle that I make when I hug myself.
But to her, it was the wilderness of her happiness.
Heartbroken by the act of others she chose to pamper her feelings.
The smell of a new place, the rush of new feelings, the tingling of diplomacy were her assets now.
The day was about to end. Dusk had marked the beginning of the night; captivating the bright sunshine.
It was dark. The glow had left her too.
Anxiety crept in her heart.
She lost the sensation towards the touch of happiness.
People say, “she is a brave girl, doesn’t pay much heed to sadness.”
Who knows that she was so hurt that even the worst seems normal.
The rain brings happiness to some and inconvenience to others.
For her it became just the facade of the monsoon.
Ill at ease, she spent the night, waiting for the sunshine to comeback.
The hands of the clock did their dance and soon she could hear birds chirping and a little light trying to make it way through her window. She became the self loving person all over again, but what happened at night made her perplexed. She gave it a thought and wiggled her mind. Told to herself that an ideal human is the one tranquil at mind. Draped a sheet of serenity around her and looked forward to a happy day again.


The vilified darkness.

A little girl asked her mother, “oh mother why do ask me to avert my eyes when I see a shadow?”

The shadow is dark it’s a bad omen my dear. She replied.

The little girl was perplexed.

Bewildered she asked, “mother wasn’t it dark when I was in your womb? Isn’t that what we see when the sweet kiss of death embraces us? Isn’t it the dark which makes the stars look bright?”

Her wise mother didn’t know what to say.

She is struck by tranquility just like walls did.


I chased my dreams like the moon chases a car.

It doesn’t know where it’s going.

Yet hunting like a madman.

I kept a track of it through the shadows of the trees.

Even the clouds came in the way but my dear friend wind blew it away.

Somewhere I knew it was going some place nice.

Happily contemplating the everything of my life.

I blinked, and now it’s gone.

Far away from me, left me in the dark.

I moved ahead and befriended dear dusk and dawn.

Yet I want to know where it had gone.


You could have just turned to our memories before turning away from me.

You could have just forgiven me and said, “let it be”.

You could have just waited for a little longer for me to reach out to you.

You could have just smacked my head softly and said, “Oh no! Not this time too”.

I know you won’t let go but I also know that you are reading this with a straight face.

Did you just roll your eyes?

I can feel that sadness lingering in your heart.

Come back. It’s getting late now.


The Fool

He was aware of this but wasn’t exposed it till his mid twenties. They called him a man; little did he walked far from his boy-like charm. “Everybody around me was doing it, so I joined them.” he said. Drowned in addiction now he repents. Rehabs are for the pot-heads and the sniffers. But where would a man addicted to money can go? ” I need to earn for my family”, he yelled. “Family is about spending time not money”, they said. In the urge of having more he lost the fine line between requirement and greed. That fool now calls lavish greed his basic need.


Waking up next to your absence is my biggest fear.

Maybe not lost but that pushes me to someplace wrong.

I have seen this place before but never wanted to come back.

It’s the abode of my outcast, the home to my isolation.

A path to desolation.

I looked around, you weren’t there.

Where are you? Come soon.

You may say so, but I can never get used to this.

You are the tune to my song.

The wind to my rain.

I don’t know what else to say

But it all adds up to the same.










The known stranger

I know you.

Is the biggest lie you can say.

Not to me but to yourself.

So many emotions, so many reactions.

Many more instances which I have fastened in my heart.

Some unearth as tears, some divulge as smiles.

It’s not your fault that it works this way.

Analyzing something so huge is beyond human powers.

So many moments fill up in my journal.

Many more feelings express those.

How am I supposed to tell you all?

I won’t be able to finish,

even if  you wait till dawn.

I know you.

Is the biggest lie you can say.





The emulated self…

Amidst the chaos of the fake faces, she saw something shiny. Neither gold nor glitter, it was a clean shiny mirror. She stood in front of the mirror contemplating the reflection. She could see some scars from the past, they had their own story. People said that what she did was wrong and the scars show that. She concurred to that. She was aware of her mistakes.

On the contrary to the people, the mirror had a different perspective. It told her that she made mistakes but called her strong to get through them. Facts is all the world can see. But the mirror unearths the story. The half-filled voids of her soul were now completed by the reflection.

They might be a little distant but resemble each other. She may turn away from it but the reflection would be waiting for her to comeback. She looked back. It was still there. Congruent and completing her.


Searching for me in the crowd?

Random faces is all you get.

Start looking in the solitude.

I was never meant to fit in.

Neither far nor distant is where I am.

It’s just a place we talk less about.

The true world is a cruel place,

that ain’t my home…

The honest sphere of your life is my dwelling

Your flattery may help my anxiety

but your honest regards would make me a better person.

Not too complex to understand.

You are just looking at the wrong side,

listen to me for once.

And you will know the story of my beautiful melancholy.

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